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How are we Approaching The Internet?

Today when you go on the Internet whether it is to connect on social media or even to research something on Google, we are constantly surrounded by information on basically anything and everything. But at what point do we ask the question which piece of information I’m reading is true and which is a total lie to sell someone’s personal opinion or someone’s own vindictive vendetta to destroy someone’s business or personal life? Or even just as simple as misleading the public for personal gain.

The question needs to be asked because when we look at history we as a society have a tendency to just follow what we are told and not look into it further, basically not be the one to say hold on a second that actually does not make sense. Look at the perfect example of the world being flat! Back then to suggest or even talk about anything other than the world being flat you were ridiculed at the very least and in extreme situations killed. This was backed by professionals across the board who soon to discovered that what they believed and what they shared and actually formally taught the world was not just untrue but also was an out-right lie.

If we move forward to today and we look at the internet we have pages and pages on Google but how or what is the truth and which do you believe. Do we have a tendency to go with the story that has a little more drama or more gossip, or click the story that is just convenient to believe. Or perhaps do we see through the trolls that thrive off the internet and hide behind a keyboard and rather than ignore it begin to call them to account. We could just simply ASK THE QUESTION why is a lie pushed as a truth and then not held to account?

History can tell us a lot of how we are living today and what we are choosing to tolerate and accept. Hundreds of years ago we fought for our land and our houses. For the right to have our family safe in our environment, the right to be able to live our lives free from fear and harm. Yet we are today in the “modern age” constantly tolerating a world where we are letting person, after person, after person into our home to create fear, cause harm and what is worse- disconnect us from humanity as we know it and live life from an alternative reality. Yes you could argue that you are not letting anyone into your home, but this is exactly what the internet is and has been allowed to be. This is not written from an anti-the-internet but more so asking for all of us equally to take a look at what we, ourselves, are feeding and contributing to.

The fact is the world we currently live in everyone is a reporter. Even though we despise the quality of media that we have on a daily basis, everyone is a history writer with no intention of taking responsibility that what is written is for the world to see for the rest of time. Imagine if every time you wrote something down on the internet you were getting up in front of 7 billion people and speaking the worlds out loud. Would your words be the same? What if with your words it determines if you are imprisoned or allowed to live freely? Would we then take greater responsibility?

What is it in us that can have 10 comments online 9 out of the 10 are positive, why is it we need that 1 comment that is a lie or false to be the truth or the one we believe?


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