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Through redefining and educating we can

begin to make change towards something that

has become a socially accepted and tolerated

behaviour as ‘the norm’ in the online environment. Start

by recognising abuse for what it is and simply Saying

NO To Cyber ABUSE, whether you are a bystander* or experience it personally. Record what has taken place, this involves taking screen shots. Report the abuse, this can be done to the site itself, or even to your workplace. You should never be made to feel alone or isolated.

If you want to do more take part in our research and encourage others also so we can communicate to the world the true extent of Cyber Abuse. Through these steps we can encourage our law makers to legislate Abuse for Abuse - online or offline.

Take Action:


Every voice counts, so let’s get together and end Cyber Abuse!

*A Bystander is a person witnessing cyber abuse directed at another. This may be comments, photos or videos published at a victim’s expense or content that directly harms. A bystander is someone who chooses to do nothing when we all have a choice to take action, report abuse, do nothing or contribute to abuse in any given incident.

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