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ALL RISE is an international not-for-profit organisation established for bringing greater accountability and responsibility to the current state of the internet. Calling out hate, trolling, stalking, harassment and bullying which takes place  on the internet for what they truly are  - CYBER ABUSE.  Developing the understanding that what we don't accept offline we should not be tolerating online. 

All Rise's purpose is to shine light on the true fact that Cyber Abuse is affecting everyone in some capacity.  This form of abuse is not solely targeting children but adults equally so who have their reputations and lives destroyed by unaccountable behaviour online. 


All Rise empowers everyone equally regardless of age or profession. Supporting everyone to stand up to raise the standard of decency and respect on and offline. All Rise exists not to challenge the need for a secure internet, but rather to highlight how crucial responsibility online is and that leaders in both public and private spheres assist in ensuring we take the internet back from the few who use it to abuse the many.

We deliver through 4 CORE OBJECTIVES:



Define cyberbullying, cyber trolling, cyber harassment and cyberstalking as what they truly are – CYBER ABUSE – in order to reflect the true gravity of harm inflicted and raise our societal standard of what is acceptable behaviour. We don’t accept abuse on the street, why should the cyber world be any different? Through this necessary Re-definition, eyes are opened to the prolific nature of Cyber Abuse and the fact that in our current era EVERYONE is impacted.



All Rise has conducted several research projects to support the facts of Cyber Abuse is a world wide epidemic that is currently not policed by boarders. In partnership with leading researchers in the field of Cyber Abuse, the survey results are used to assist Government to understand that the lack of accountability online is having severe offline consequences, causing ill health and sometimes even death. 



Initiate and deliver education programs and presentations on Cyber Abuse affecting society to youth, adults, businesses and corporations, with the understanding that to solely address the issue as one assigned predominantly to youth misses the point. Cyber Abuse amongst adults is a far more vile and prolific occurrence than we are yet to acknowledge or perceive as a crime. 



We work in partnership with law makers and politicians to ensure Cyber Abuse is clearly defined and illegal in the eyes of the law, with proportionate legal consequences, properly enforced. Our laws must address a digital environment that is not confined by national borders, that facilitates a playground of communication that relies primarily on personal accountability. We are all world citizens whose every expression has the potential to affect so many, should we choose to abuse our treasured Freedom of Speech, our law enforcement authorities must take action and our laws must hold us accountable. 



Simone Benhayon founded All Rise in late 2015 with her focus on Cyber Abuse, bringing greater responsibility to adults' behaviour online, in conjunction with conveying greater awareness to society's unacceptable levels of tolerated abuse, and understanding that adults are here to role model to children the behaviour that is acceptable on and offline.


Through Simone, All Rise has been able to bring light that Abuse is Abuse Online or Offline. In the short time Simone has started All Rise she has grown and led an international team, created pivotal research, developed world class ad campaigns, worked with government bodies around the world and started to bring responsibility to the fact that online abuse needs to be addressed just as we do offline abuse.

In addition to operating All Rise, Simone runs the multi-award winning swim school in the UK, Creative Aquatic. She teaches swimming in multiple countries around the world, is an international presenter, launched and initiated pioneering research studies on breathing and the quality of swimming, has won 5 national awards for swimming teaching in the UK, is Governor of two schools, an international learn to swim brand ambassador plus much more, all in addition to having studied criminology and cybercrime. 

Global TEAM

Our Team brings together many leading people in their fields, intentionally covering a vast spectrum of life and professional experience. The members range in age from students to active professionals in law, medicine, film production, education, health, sport, finance, social work, construction, and technology. They all give of their time voluntarily without financial remuneration, all committed to doing what it takes to eradicate cyber abuse from the internet, and where it serves best, in collaboration with other individuals, organisations or government agencies.

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