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The NHS Cyber Abuse Report

All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse undertook a study to ascertain the current state of policies relating to Cyber Abuse, Cyber Trolling, Social Media and Internet/Email usage within 488 NHS organisations within England. The NHS, as the 5th largest employer in the World and as a foundational organisation, holds an inherent responsibility to lead the way not only as a progressive employer but also being at the forefront of policy action, human decency in relationships within the workplace on and offline and implementation of standards in Social Media conduct. The purpose of this study was to determine the current state of play surrounding Social Media conduct by adults within an influential organisation such as the NHS and to establish qualitative measures of the societal, human toll and economic impacts. The state of our workplace, digital and online communication, and the Internet as a whole, is the responsibility of all of us. The modern workplace environment is by no means confined to the immediate physical surroundings of the work environment. The moment we express online we engage with the potential of over 3 billion online users having access to what we share. Evidence of the harmful human toll of cyber abuse is growing, its effects including, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation. As a minimum, the standard of our behaviour in our digital environment should be no different to that of our behaviour offline. But there are in fact greater responsibilities that must be considered when it comes to our online behaviour. Read the full report: 2016 NHS All Rise Cyber Abuse Report


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