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Statistics from the All Rise Global Survey results, 12,556 participants - men, women, adults and children. See here for the FULL STATISTICS



All Rise Global Online Survey collating people's experience and opinion on Cyber Abuse with over 13,000 surveys already completed

Define cyber bullying, cyber trolling, cyber harassment and cyber stalking as they truly are - CYBER ABUSE



Initiate and deliver education programs and presentations on Cyber Abuse and how to address it, to youth and adults

Work in partnership with law makers and politicians to ensure Cyber Abuse is clearly defined and illegal in the eyes of the law


Welcome to another year of film making and the launch of our 2017-2018 All Rise Film Making Competition!

Help us to gather statistics for the All Rise 2017 International survey on Cyber Abuse. Take the short survey now...

Stay up to date with all of All Rise's latest films that are making waves across the continents. 


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