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The All Rise annual film competition is designed to give young people a voice about the crime of Cyber Abuse, to give their perspective and insight into how this form of crime is affecting their everyday life. This competition evidences that the youth of today have the voice to make changes for the future, we just need to listen.

Theme: Is Cyber Abuse an International Crime?


Step 1: Make a film up to 3 minutes that includes the brief for this year’s competition “Is Cyber Abuse an International Crime?

Step 2: Upload your film (securely) to a video sharing platform.

Step 3: Fill out the entry form to submit the film with your details: ENTRY FORM

Step 4: Lastly, fill out the consent form and email back to contact@allrisesaynotocyberabuse.comCONSENT FORM (remember if you are under 18 your parent or guardian must fill out the second half of the form.)

Step 5: Follow us on Facebook for more updates regarding the competition and also the announcement of winners on the 6th of February 2018.

2017/ 2018 Competition 

Previous Competitions

See the judging and our incredible winning entries from our previous year's competitions! 

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