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We should all have the right of free thought, but no-one has the right to abuse anyone else and make them feel bad. Social media sites need to accept more responsibility for what is sent out on their sites, and regulate it far more tightly.


Female, 64, UK


We need to legislate against total anonymity on the web. People should always have to take responsibility for the things they say in a public forum.


Male, 67, Australia


We all should take personal responsibility to not harm others It is time that governments world wide, co-operatively did something about this. It is NOT freedom of speech. That comes with responsibility.


Female, 70, Australia



People who abuse online are cowards because they can hide behind the walls of the internet, rather than face to face where you know but it could be just as painful.


Female, 68 New Zealand


Freedom of speech is not freedom to abuse - you can't freely swing your arm if it hits someone in the face.


Female, 81, USA



Cyber abuse causes more uncertainty, while face-to-face abuse has more danger of immediate physical escalation. My episode was about ten years ago, involved one abusive stalker, and made my life miserable for about two months.


Male, 77, USA


People also tend to believe what they read on the Internet. Abuse is a NO GO in any place, any time, any format or medium. Cyber Abuse is EVIL and needs to be stopped. People need to be made responsible for their words and actions by the authorities, just like bullies are at work or at school or in social or domestic violence situations.


Female, 73, Australia



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