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Who Gets Smarter from the Smartphone?

Take a walk through the streets in most cities around the world, sit on a bus, train or even lift your head up and look around at the airport. What do you see? The most common sight is not people in stores making purchase or in conversation with the …

NHS Cyber Abuse Report 2016

The NHS Cyber Abuse Report

All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse undertook a study to ascertain the current state of policies relating to Cyber Abuse, Cyber Trolling, Social Media and Internet/Email usage within 488 NHS organisations within England. The NHS, as the 5th largest employer in the World and as a foundational organisation, …

Cyber Abuse not Cyber Bullying

It Is Cyber Abuse Not Bullying

All Rise Say NO To Cyber Abuse are forerunners to present that we need to redefine the terminologies that we have around the acts of abuse on the Internet. Currently and most commonly we use the terms cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber harassment and cyber trolling. Due to over-use …

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