About All Rise

ALL RISE is a not-for profit organisation established for the purpose of calling out cyberbullying, cyber trolling and cyberstalking for what they truly are – CYBER ABUSE. To date the focus has been on cyber security and indeed for good reason, however, no country yet has made any substantial moves to directly address the quality of interaction that lay behind these walls of cyber protection. All Rise exists not to challenge the need for a secure internet, but rather to highlight how crucial responsibility online is and that leaders in both public and private spheres assist in ensuring we take the internet back from the few who use it to abuse the many.

We deliver through 4 CORE OBJECTIVES:


Define cyberbullying, cyber trolling, cyber harassment and cyberstalking as what they truly are – CYBER ABUSE – in order to reflect the true gravity of harm inflicted and raise our societal standard of what is acceptable behaviour. We don’t accept abuse on the street, why should the cyber world be any different? Through this necessary Re-definition, eyes are opened to the prolific nature of Cyber Abuse and the fact that in our current era EVERYONE is impacted.


Initiate and deliver education programs and presentations on Cyber Abuse affecting our youth, with the understanding that to solely address the issue as one assigned predominantly to youth misses the point. Cyber Abuse amongst adults is a far more vile and prolific occurrence than we are yet to acknowledge or perceive as a crime. All Rise aims to necessarily build a greater platform of awareness of all forms of Cyber Abuse and the crime that it actually is by working with Civil Society, Government and Business sectors to shift the focus. Adult expression on and offline is a role modeling reflection that can set the standard for online communication. Education on Cyber Abuse starts with EVERYONE.


All Rise’s Global Online Survey collating people’s direct voice on their experience and opinion on Cyber Abuse – with over 13,000 surveys completed already – has already exposed that Cyber Abuse is not just a youth issue. Over 75% have stated that they have witnessed Cyber Abuse happening to someone else, 60% have been called a derogatory name online leaving 50% feeling depressed, lonely or wanting to self harm. In partnership with leading researchers in the field of Cyber Abuse, the survey results are used to assist Government to understand that the lack of accountability online is having severe offline consequences, causing ill health and sometimes even death. Further, we collate Statements of Cyber Abuse from the public worldwide, 5000 to date and growing, that tell in detail the harrowing impact of Cyber Abuse.


We work in partnership with law makers and politicians to ensure Cyber Abuse is clearly defined and illegal in the eyes of the law, with proportionate legal consequences, properly enforced. Our laws must address a digital environment that is not confined by national borders, that facilitates a playground of communication that relies primarily on personal accountability. We are all world citizens whose every expression has the potential to affect so many, should we choose to abuse our treasured Freedom of Speech, our law enforcement authorities must take action and our laws must hold us accountable.